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English-Cebuano Made Easy eBook

This is probably the most useful, general information book I found, after deciding to learn the language of Cebuano. I used an older version of this book when I first arrived here from the states, the  2001 edition. It is a very beneficial introductory book, for anyone who wishes to learn Cebuano.


It is my suggestion, if you are considering moving here (to Cebu or elsewhere in the Visayas), to at least learn some of the basic words of Cebuano, in order to communicate with Filipinos. Believe me, even though the Philippines is considered an English speaking country, learning some Cebuano can and will make your life much easier here.


Being able to understand and to speak with Cebuano's will help you in two ways:


First, it will make it easier for them to understand a point you are trying to make. Also, if your wife, girlfriend, or fiancée is a Cebuana (or from elsewhere in the Visayas and most of Mindanao), she (and her family) will be quite impressed, upon hearing you speak Cebuano to her. Filipinos simply smile when a foreigner attempts to communicate with them in their local language. Of course, they never expect foreigners to approach, or to reply to them in their native tongue. Talk about a shocker!


Next, it will allow you to understand more of what they are saying, thus helping eliminate "back-biting" (talking about you in Cebuano, while you sit there not understanding anything being said), a fairly common thing to happen in conversations.


This book was written by Cristina S. Canonigo, a wonderful woman and excellent author. She is a Cebuana by birth, and splits her time between Cebu and Manila. She has authored more than 100 titles, currently. In fact, at last count she has written 127 books. However, the most popular of her titles is the newest version of her book, now in eBook format, "Conversational English-Cebuano Made Easy (eBook)", Revised and Enlarged Edition, Copyright 2004.


I have been granted exclusive distribution and marketing rights to sell this book in electronic (eBook) format.


This eBook is 210 pages, giving you many new words, phrases, statements, etc. to learn in the language of Cebuano. Additionally, there is a self test section, a vocabulary section, a question and answer section, and examples of conversations and translations.


The Conversational English-Cebuano Made Easy (eBook version) is offered at the low price of $16.00 USD.




English-Cebuano Made Easy eBook

By C.S. Canonigo



Now released in eBook format!*



The English-Cebuano Made Easy eBook is sold at $16.00 USD, and is a PDF file. To order your copy, click the link above. You will receive your copy of the title "English-Cebuano Made Easy" (in eBook format) within 48 hours.


Please check the email address attached to your PayPal account.

That is the address where the pdf file will be sent.


* Paul Petrea / has been granted exclusive rights to market and sell, in electronic (eBook) format, English-Cebuano Made Easy, by C.S. Canonigo. No one may market or sell this book in electronic (eBook) format, without prior written permission from Paul Petrea.



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